Erewhon Market
  • 04-Oct-2013 to 31-Dec-2016 (PST)
  • Cashier
  • Calabasas, CA, USA
  • Full Time

Basic Function:  The basic function of the Cashier is to provide outstanding service to Erewhon customers, answer questions regarding Erewhon Products and to process sales transactions in a quick and efficient manner.


Requirements:  (education, experience, skills, working conditions, physical demands):  The Cashier must possess a High School Diploma or GED equivalent.  Experience in Health/Natural Foods preferred.  A Cashier should have a minimum of 1 year retail experience, preferably in a grocery store with cashiering experience.  Knowledge of Natural/Organic Foods a plus.  Employee must be service oriented and possess a strong knowledge of organic products and the natural food industry in general.    Work environment is primarily a retail store involving standing and waiting on customers for long periods of time.  Position involves standing, sitting, kneeling and product stocking.  Must be able to bend, reach for product and lift cases with product up to 50 pounds.  Employees must be able to communicate with customers clearly in English.  Bi-Lingual is preferred.


Authority:  (to take action/make decisions):  The Cashier has the authority to make decisions which will benefit the customer while maintaining store profitability.


Duties/Tasks:  (Indicate how task is done – daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)


  1)   Greet Customers in a warm and friendly manner (Daily).

  2)   Answer any questions the customer may have about their transaction (Daily).

  3)   Process customer transactions at the register quickly and efficiently (Daily)

  4)   Learn PLU codes for bulk items and produce without barcodes (On going).

  5)   Obtain authorization for customer and employee discounts within the guidelines set by Erewhon (Daily).

  6)   Answer telephone (As required).

  7)   Count out register drawer (Daily).

  8)   Maintain integrity of funds in cash drawer (Daily).

  9)   Prepare register drops and change requests accurately (Daily).

10)   Keep work area clean and presentable to customers (Daily).

11)   Cross train in other departments within the store to lend assistance (As required).

12)   Provide feedback to Department Heads on missing information regarding pricing (On going).

13)   Help train new cashiers (As required).

14)   Restock cash stand with supplies and shopping bags (As required).

15)   Notify manager of out of stock items to trigger reorder (As required)

16)   Follow employees guidelines for attendance, dress code and rules and regulations as outlined in the employee handbook (Daily)

17)   Cross train to help out in other areas of the store (As required).

18)   Other duties as assigned by management (As required)




Erewhon Natural Foods Market

Task Sheet

Position:   _____                 Cashier                 ______

Supervisor:  ___                                                        ___


Date:   _                                 _              Page   2   of   2_

Standards of Performance (quality, quantity, speed, customer satisfaction, etc.):


Employees in this position will receive an evaluation after their first thirty (30) days to set goals and determine appropriateness for this position.  After the probationary evaluation employees will be reviewed annually according to Erewhon Natural Foods Market employee guidelines.  The employees' performance will be viewed satisfactory if they meet the following criteria:


1)     Employee shows proper standards of customer service.  This includes meeting and greeting the customer in a timely manner and showing professionalism at all times in dealing with customers.

2)     Handles sensitive customer situations in a tactful and appropriate manner

3)     Keeps manager informed of issues regarding the department.

4)     Provides Department Heads with information regarding new product inquiries from customers.

5)     Continually works to improve product knowledge to offer customers full benefits and features of Erewhon products.

6)     Cash Wraps are maintained in a neat and orderly appearance.

7)     Properly trains new employees on Erewhon policies and procedures.

8)     Assists management with clerical duties as delegated

9)     Paperwork is processed accurately and in a timely manner.

10)  Cash drawer is always in balance.

11)  Media (charge slips, voids, etc) is properly accounted for at the end of the shift.

12)  Cashier balances register before leaving for the day.

13)  Is punctual to work and follows assigned schedule.

14)  Upholds and maintains standards of conduct as outlined in the Erewhon Employee Manual.

15)  The Employee maintains a safe and accident free work environment.

16)  The employee learns Erewhon's policies and procedures.

17)  The employee properly sets priorities for their daily work routine.

18)    The employee ensures work is performed accurately and with minimal errors.

19)  Employee works to improve the overall quality and efficiency of Erewhon by analyzing the work flow and providing suggestions for improvement.

20)   The employee maintains professional relationships with coworkers and customers.

21)  The employee displays enthusiasm and desire to succeed in their position.

22)  The employee facilitates communication with all departments in the company.

23)  All duties are performed in an independent manner with minimal direction and supervision required

24)  The employee always strives to meet the customer needs.

25)  The employee works to build and foster a team spirit necessary to make Erewhon successful.

26)  Employee is enthusiastic and works to make the Erewhon experience enjoyable for the customer.

27)  The employee wears proper clothing when performing their job.


Erewhon Market
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